McKesson RelayHealth Clearinghouse

Accelerate Cash Flow with Comprehensive Claims Management

RelayHealth ClearinghouseMDS utilizes the McKesson RelayHealth Clearinghouse for Greenway PrimeSUITE transactions. RelayHealth connects submitter entities with more than 1800 payor plans to process claims and remittances, and is the largest healthcare connectivity company in the United States.

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Automated, Easy-To-Use

  • Web-based and easy to navigate, so minimal training is required
  • Claim errors are clearly indicated in red and offers “one click” corrections for billing staff
  • Shorten your payment cycle with improved editing for increased first pass acceptance, reduced rejections and minimal rebilling
  • Reduces claim denials by checking eligibility prior to claim submission
  • Automated secondary billing
  • Reconcile reimbursement against billed charges

RelayHealth enables provider groups to conduct real-time eligibility checks. RelayHealth is EHNAC™ accredited, SCP and CMM certified, HIPAA compliant, and CORE™-certified for eligibility transactions.

Electronic Claims Processing

  • Healthcare Claims Processing
  • Payor Remittance Processing
  • Payor Report Processing

Flat Fee Real-Time Verification Services

  • Eligibility Verification (Active/Inactive, verify copay amounts, check deductibles for inpatient/outpatient treatment, and service verification by specialty)
  • Address Verification

Document Outsourcing

  • Professional and Institutional Paper Claims
  • Patient/Guarantor Statements
  • EOBs

Medical Electronic Claims Processing

Today’s healthcare market demands that physician offices manage their relationships with third party payors effectively to ensure accurate and timely reimbursement. RelayHealth delivers greater financial productivity by offering claims processing services that monitor claims formatting, enable accurate submission and helps rectify rejected claims to improve cash flow for your practice.

Medical Electronic Remittance Advice

Electronic Remittance Advice is notification of what the payor will pay on a claim. The remittance data returned is the same information received on an EOB. This proactive management of accounts receivable reduces paperwork and eliminates processing costs associated with manual data entry.

Electronic Statement Processing

To manage the labor intensive and costly process of patient statement production and delivery, RelayHealth offers statement printing and mail distribution services. Round-the-clock service eliminates delays, and our experienced staff ensures quality statement delivery every time.

Eligibility Verification

Real-time Eligibility provides quick confirmation of patient insurance and benefit coverage, reducing the likelihood of bad debt. Online electronic access to patient insurance is retrieved directly from a payor’s database.

Making It Work

RelayHealth transaction solutions hub technology integrates with existing medical practice management systems for medical electronic claims processing and medical claim remittance functions. Transaction Solutions Hub staff continually updates payor claims rules, facilitating compliance. Our technology formats claims for specific payor rules, ensuring successful submission and faster reimbursement. The McKesson Solutions Hub eliminates the need for manual claims and remittance posting, saving time and accelerating the payment processing cycle.