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Medical IT SupportMedical Office Managed IT Hardware SupportFew EHR companies offer comprehensive Managed IT, hardware technical support, desktop support, and cloud hosting services for medical practice customers.

The trouble with this hands off approach to IT support and security is that many issues cannot be successfully resolved without attention to both the application side (your software) and the IT side (connectivity, hardware, integrations, networks).

In fact, many negative reviews of EHR software systems implicate IT issues. Hardware errors, connectivity problems, integration breakdowns, tablet/device problems, and slow performance can negatively impact an entire enterprise. If you call your EHR vendor’s software support line, chances are that the person taking your call will be unable to troubleshoot even basic I.T. issues. Even your 3rd party local I.T. group may struggle with diagnosing and resolving I.T. issues if they aren’t familiar with your electronic medical records software.

Complete resolution after hours of customer support. Thanks for never giving up! – All Women’s Regional Medical Center, P.C.

In order to maximize the efficiency of our customer’s systems, MDS offers a comprehensive I.T. department that can troubleshoot and resolve many issues remotely. Whether you are located in New York or California, MDS support technicians can work through routine problems from our Arizona offices. Our technicians may travel to your office for new system installations and emergencies.

By using MDS Medical for your medical I.T. support needs, you have one number to call for every issue – improving the productivity of your staff by speeding the resolution of your issues.

Greenway PrimeSUITE Hosting

Through the mdsIT department, we host and support a wide variety of configurations of Greenway PrimeSUITE installations. By hosting your PrimeSUITE application with MDS, you enjoy 24/7 emergency support and improved performance over other Greenway hosting solutions.

Additionally, our mdsHOSTING customers benefit from mdsCONNECT which enables you to securely connect to your full Greenway PrimeSUITE application using any device or machine – including Apple (Macs, iPads, etc.). This means that you don’t need to download a separate app that only enables partial functionality. Using mdsCONNECT, you can enjoy full access to PrimeSUITE from anywhere at anytime using any operating system or device.

Medical IT Support Services

    • Network installation and configuration. Let us help your practice save valuable time and money by having our expert I.T. team install your network. Our team will assist in recommendations and best practices for workstations, servers, printers, wireless networking, scanners, and other equipment and ensure hardware and software compatibility with your practice management and EMR system.
    • Hardware. MDS can help with selection and deployment of all hardware and peripherals – including printers, workstations, scanners, servers, tablet PCs, PDAs, front-desk cameras, and monitors.
    • Security. Ensuring the integrity and security of patient data is absolutely critical. Our team helps ensure the security of your system, from both internal and external intruders. Our state-of-the-art data center is among the best and most secure data centers in the country.

We just recovered from a ransomware virus on one of the doctor’s computers. It is the first time we have had to use our backup tape. Kevin and Louis were extremely helpful and patient! At times like these, is when you realize what great support MDS provides. It would have been very painful if we did not have your support.

  • Software interfaces. MDS has been developing custom software for medical organizations for 20 years. We can develop and install clinical interfaces, lab interfaces, and help you resolve any application interoperability issues that your practice faces.
  • Backup procedures. For practices hosting software in a client/server environment, adhering to a thoughtfully planned out backup and disaster recovery plan is essential. If you elect to use a third party I.T. firm, they must be aware of HIPAA regulations regarding the security protocols for PHI (personal health information), and ideally should specialize only in the healthcare sector. We have found that some general third party I.T. outsourcing firms that do not solely specialize in healthcare may not be as diligent in developing or maintaining the type of rigorous backup processes required. Using a third party I.T. firm without substantial experience in healthcare can put your practice at substantial risk due to the constantly changing regulatory, security, and privacy laws. 
  • I think your IT support is outstanding. Never once have they ever gotten cranky, I don’t know how they do that — always stay calm and dog the problem until the solution is found. Wonderful, thank you so much. – Treasure Coast ENT

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